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Better Sleep Council

Official site of the Better Sleep Council (BSC), an educational non-profit funded by the mattress industry. Promotes value of good sleep habits and provides educational content on the impact of sleep on health and quality of life. Offers information on sleep's relationship to physical performance, work, relationships, as well as "mattressology."

Consumer Product Safety

Web site of the Sleep Products Safety Council (SPSC), the safety division of the International Sleep Products Association, dedicated to advancing the safety of sleep products. Supports scientific research aimed at sleep safety and partners with regulatory agencies and related organizations to promote sleep product safety and awareness.

International Sleep Products Association

Home page of the International Sleep Products Association (ISPA), the leading international trade association representing the mattress manufacturing industry. Provides industry background, information on advocacy issues and industry-wide efforts at sustainability. Represents more than 750 mattress manufacturers and related suppliers in 50 countries worldwide.

National Center On Sleep Disorder Research

Coordinate government-support sleep research, training and education to improve the health of Americans.

National Sleep Foundation

Home site of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), an independent non-profit committed to popularizing the importance of adequate sleep among the general public, healthcare providers and policymakers. Partners with agencies such as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institutes of Health to campaign for greater awareness of sleep issues.

The Sleeping Mind

Take a journey through the sleeping mind...
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